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Following your comprehensive visit Dr. McCoy will provide specific recommendations to address your current concerns and overall health. Depending on your needs, these recommendations will employ one or more of the following naturopathic modalities.

Clinical Nutrition
A healthy diet is essential to maintaining good health and is therefore central to naturopathic care. Improper nutrition creates imbalances in the body that can eventually lead to disease and many illnesses can be positively impacted by improving diet, digestion, and elimination. Because every person is unique in terms of biochemical make up,  sensitivities,  exposure to stress, toxins etc. each has different nutritional needs. Dr. McCoy will help you to adopt a healthier diet that is tailored to your distinct requirements for optimal health.

Botanical Medicine

Plants have been used by people through the ages for their nutritional and healing properties. Many of today's pharmaceutical drugs are derivatives of these naturally occurring substances.  Naturopathic doctors are professionally trained herbalists and Dr. McCoy will recommend single or combination herbs when appropriate in a variety of forms including tea, tincture, or solid extract.

Lifestyle Counseling

In addition to diet, lifestyle can play a pivotal role in one's health. One example of this is stress. In today's hectic world it is easy to adopt a lifestyle that allows stress to build up and create mental and emotional obstacles to health. Dr. McCoy will provide suggestions in lifestyle modification, exercise and stress management that will help to reduce your stress and promote a greater sense of well being.

Nutritional Supplementation
This refers to vitamins, minerals and nutritional factors that are necessary for your body to function properly.  Sometimes, for a variety of reasons,  it becomes necessary to supplement with these nutrients in order to give your body the support it needs for optimal health. Dr. McCoy will assess your need, if any for these nutrients and only recommend what is absolutely vital to your naturopathic care and overall wellness.

Hydrotherapy is the use of water in any of its forms (hot, cold, ice, steam etc.) applied to the body through methods such as sitz bath, shower, wrap, fomentation and foot bath in the maintainance or promotion of health. Due to the current limitations in scope of practice for naturopathic doctors in NY Dr. McCoy cannot provide the full in-office hydrotherapy experience, but she will suggest self-care home hydrotherapy techniques as needed.


Naturopathic Consultation

Initial consultation:
  Two Hours   $225.00

First follow-up consultation: 90
 minutes          $100.00

Follow-up consultation: 60 minutes                $70.00           

Phone consultation: 30 minutes          $35.00

Phone consultation: 60 minutes   $70.00

Between Visit Phone Calls:

Questions that are not of immediate concern should be held until your next visit. Phone calls longer than 10 minutes will be subject to a $25.00 fee.

To schedule an appointment call (845)644-4184.

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