Tanya McCoy, ND
Sage Advice Naturopathic Care
3136 Route 207 Suite 104
Campbell Hall, NY 10916 

845.644.4184 extension 403


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What To Expect
Naturopathic care begins with a comprehensive initial consultation that explores your current health concerns, medical history, dietary habits and lifestyle. This allows Dr. McCoy to develop an in-depth understanding of your present condition, gain insight into the root cause of your symptoms and help you to identify your future health goals. During your first follow up visit Dr. McCoy will give recommendations to improve your total body wellness and you will work together to create a wellness plan that is customized to your lifestyle, budget and beliefs toward health and healing. Future visits will provide the opportunity to assess your progress, address any of your concerns and modify your plan as needed. 

What Is Expected From You
The decision to begin naturopathic care sets you on a path of healing that may prove to be nothing less than a life changing experience. Although there are no guarantees for success your progress is very much dependent upon your level of participation and dedication to the process. 

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